Saturday, October 18, 2008

Scrumptious new teas

I have been super busy harvesting, researching, tasting and experimenting with different combinations to come up with some new tea blends for the Fall/Winter season and I am very excited to reveal that several new teas are available in my Etsy shop! Let me introduce them...

'Dragons Vitamin C' tea - 2 ounce packet for $12 (makes 10 to 14 cups).

Just what you need for the approaching cold weather! This blend is packed with herbs that will activate and build your immune system - keeping colds and flu at bay.

This is my 'Nervous Gnome' blend - a 2 ounce packet for $12 (makes approx 10 to 14 cups).

This tea will help to calm nerves; lift depression; relax you; and help you to sleep.

This is my new 'Autumn Dreams' tea - a 2 ounce packet for $12 (makes approx 10 to 14 cups).

This is a rich, strong blend of China black tea with herbs and spices.

This is my 'Fairies Fibro' tea - a 3 ounce package for $20 (makes 15 to 18 cups).

I am especially excited about this tea! After two years of research I have finally come up with this blend for those who suffer from chronic pain. It will help alleviate fibromyalgia, neuralgia, migraines, stabbing nerve pain, and other debilitating, chronic forms of pain. It also helps with insomnia and contains herbs that are anti-inflammatories, and anti-spasmodics.

Ahh... 'Chocolate Fairy Fantasy' tea - a 2 ounce packet for $13 (makes 10 to 14 cups).

This is a wonderful blend of decadent chocolate and aromatic mint - perfect for Winter evenings, though just as delicious cold!

As with all of my teas, it is important that you read the descriptions in my Etsy store carefully as they include important advice since some of my teas can not be taken in combination with certain prescribed medications. If in doubt, please just contact me through the store, and I will be happy to offer a free consultation, advise you, and put together a compatible blend for you.

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