Friday, November 7, 2008


With Christmas only 42 days away, I wanted to find out what kinds Cologne and Body Spray Natural Scents people liked. And as a prize, I will give away a Tea Basket for 2 and a Sample of the Winning entry.

How To Enter and Win:

Post a comment here on my blog with your choice of a Natural Scent that you would like me to offer in my shop, and a Name to go with it.

Choose either a Cologne for Men or Body Spray/Spritz for Women, only 1 entry per person,
We will choose 2 Winners 1 from each catagory.
I will post the Winner Here, so be sure and check back.

It cannot be a Designer Scent
We will be looking for the Most Creative and Unique Scent or Scent Combination and Name
There are Alot of Natural Essential Oils and Herbs out there to choose from or make combinations of.

I have a panel of 4 people and myself to be judges and will choose the Winner on November 22nd, the Winners will be Posted Here on my blog on November 23rd.
Good Luck to Everyone


Anonymous said...

I know it doesn't sound exotic, but I'd like Grapefruit.

I read once that when you wear grapefruit scent people perceive you as 5-10 lbs. lighter.

So what herbs would be good with grapefruit?

Terri said...

I love anything with a citrus scent!! Name it maybe Citrus Splash......