Friday, November 14, 2008


I believe wholeheartedly in Recycling, and am constantly taking old things and turning them into useful sometimes almost new items. I will be the first to stop along side the road and pick something up if I feel its fixable, especially in this day and age when somethings are expensive especially if you are on a fixed or limited income.
Anyway Todays project is from something the office here at my Apt complex disposed of, they are always throwing away good reusable things.

Someone had taken a large Dry Erase Board and put masking tape all over it, Im still trying to figure out why? I can see them wanting to make seperate boxes for whatever reason but why not just draw them on?????

Anyway there is this Wonderful stuff called Goo Gone, it's great for removing sticky residue on things such as gummy residue from labels, tape, stickers, ect.

Well I couldnt finds my bottle of it, so I useed the Carpet Goo Gone instead, same affects only the stuff in the bottle is thicker, and would have saturated it better. I also couldnt find my single edged razor blades, so I used a very paring knife that I have for projects.

I had to soak it pretty good as the tape was really old and really stuck to the board. As you can see it is working......................To Be Continued


FairyJane said...

wonderful post. Thank you for sharing it. Love your blog!!!

FairyJane said...

Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being so generous and kind to others.